In a nutshell

What is it with movie trailers lately?  Aren’t they supposed to inform us TO A POINT? Leave us wanting more?

Take this trailer, for instance. Letters to Juliet. Girl is in a relationship with the lovely but distracted Gael Garcia Bernal. He cares way too much about pasta! I wonder if she’ll find someone who can’t live without her? Well, off to Verona where Romeo first met Juliet, two people who could not live without each other. I sense a theme! Girl finds a letter written in 1957 and answers it, bringing an elderly woman and her hot young grandson into her life. She goes on a road trip with them (because that isn’t strange at all) to find an elderly Italian man with the same name as a bunch of other elderly Italian men. Oh no, where is he? WILL HE BE FOUND? She calls her boyfriend, who, again, can’t be bothered. She does incredibly romantic things with the grandson and distracts him from driving. Grandma finds her lost love on a horse. Long looks over wine, wedding attire, AND IT KEEPS GOING. I now know exactly what’s going to happen in the entire movie, and could probably write a review about it. *BLINK*

One of my favorite things to do is to watch movie trailers. If I arrive late to a movie and miss them, I’m kind of pissed about it. That’s why I watch all of them online. Like when I saw the one for (500) Days of Summer? Instantly had to see the movie. I was counting down, it was the best feeling. Unfortunately, sometimes a trailer is so awesomesauce that the movie pales in comparison (this was apparently the case with Terminator Salvation, according to my sister). Another great one? A Single Man. Almost don’t want to ruin it by seeing the movie.

A trailer has GOT to strike right balance. Who can’t get that right?! Can I apply for the job? Because I think I could do it well.

Better than these fuckers, anyway.



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7 responses to “In a nutshell

  1. Yeah, the sheer # of trailers that are basically synopses (instead of queries! ooo look how I did that) is boggling these days. It does save one a lot of time though. Want to see the movie again, just watch the trailer!

    • Jen

      I remember watching that trailer before New Moon (shudder) and whispering to Meg and Sara: I wonder what’s going to happen?

      I mean, seriously! Did you watch it?!

  2. First of all, let me be clear. The trailer for Terminator Salvation being 1,000,000 percent awesomesauce had nothing to do with the movie being _____, sadly. To say it paled in comparison is an overstatement of nuclear proportions. The trailer and the movie must instead be considered different entities altogether. The one has nothing to do with the other. They do not coincide. They are not related. They do not share the same DNA. Nothing. The movie was Bryce Dallas Howard quality. The trailer was Christian Bale. And never the two should have met.

    • Jen

      See, I love BDH, and hate Bale. She was the only good thing about The Village.
      So. I guess I should see the movie. And The Soloist. It’s been in my queue for ages but keeps getting pushed down by HBO shows.

      • Ooooo, you said “good” and “The Village”. Ouch. That movie was extrizzle and only a director’s daughter woulda got wrapped up in that. Yarg. When you knew the “twist” from the first scene because what else could it be and who was supposed to find this way of life believable… yeah. Fail.

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  4. Meg

    I soo wish I could remember what trailer I just saw and complained about! Typically it’s an action movie of some type where I feel like they show me the whole movie and then I think, well, that was that, I don’t have to see it now.
    Maybe it was the Book of Eli, or maybe PUSH?
    Anyways. AGREED.

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