Book Review: Guess How Much I Love You

Z calls this his “Bunny Book”. I’ve tried to explain to him that the characters are actually NUTBROWN HARES but he’ll have none of it. And in all honesty, I would have preferred that the author had simply labeled them bunnies as well.

Guess How Much I Love You is a supposed heart warming story about the love that a father and son have for each other. More like heart-breaking. And you’d think that with a title like that, someone would be guessing the amount of love a particular NUTBROWN HARE has, right? NOPE. There’s no guessing involved. In the very beginning of the book, (SPOILER ALERT) BIG NUTBROWN HARE simply gives up. He says, “Oh, I don’t think I could guess that.” So LITTLE NUTBROWN HARE just tells him. LAME. And then, a strange game of oneupmanship begins.

Every time LNBH tells BNBH how much he loves him, his father has to make it clear that he loves his son more. So LNBH says that he loves his father as high as his arms can reach, and up to the moon. You know, kid stuff. But then BNBH has to go and say that he loves his son as high as HIS arms can reach and up to the moon and back? Jerk! By the end, LNBH is too tired to “play” anymore and passes out.

Oh, you think you’re a big man BNBH? Well you’re not.

No stars.



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8 responses to “Book Review: Guess How Much I Love You

  1. These are the kinds of books that make me kill little nut brown hares. Dude, stewed hare sound delish, actually.

  2. meg

    no stars? wow, you’re a harsh critic.

  3. katie

    as chezzy as this sounds i love this book it was the first book i ever read and it means a lot to me. lol bad i know im 25 and me and my husband say i love you to the moon and back. funny shit right. i wish i still had my copie id give it to my bayb. 7 months pregnant. i think i can find one in time.

  4. mel

    We just read this book to our dying baby boy. I love this book. It now has an even special meaning.

    You should try writing your review with an understanding of the age its directed at – it wasn’t meant for your cynical, egotistical, macho eyes. I’m guessing you’ve never read it to a child and have them look at you with love in their eyes.

    • O_O

      I’m sure you expected a pass with your first line making you unrespondable. But naw. I’m cynical and macho (?).

    • I think you may be taking this a bit too seriously… We did actually read this to our 1st… at least a hundred times.

      I’m also not a big fan of the bizarre “daddy is always better” “lesson” contained within its robust (but not chew-proof!) cardboard pages.

    • Jen

      Being a grieving parent does not give you the right to act completely inappropriate and lash out at strangers for what is obviously in silly fun. I’m sorry, but NO.

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