I sometimes run and chase the moon

Andy‘s post on “No Surrender” inspired me to post one of my favorite songs: “Dreamer” by Toni Childs (this post is in no way an answer to his question, btw). I would say “try listening to this without loving it” but Andy actually doesn’t, which leads me to believe that he might not possess a soul. Hope he does though, because that would suck.

I first heard this song when I caught the tail end of The Last Word with Timothy Hutton in the late 90s. The movie had been looping on either HBO or Showtime, so I managed to catch it again and tape the end of the movie and the credits, basically just the part when the song was playing. Who cares about the actual movie right? The funny thing is: I stopped taping before the song information so I didn’t find out what the song was until it popped up again in Moonlight and Valentino. I immediately thought that Whoopi (who was in the movie) was singing for some reason (odd, I know). I did not think the singer looked even remotely like this:


real Toni Childs

but more like this:

another Toni Childs

played Toni Childs on TV

HA. I crack myself up.

Anyway, I was so excited to finally find out who was singing the song that moved me enough to wait until the end of a movie to tape the credits. I bought the album and although I enjoyed some of her other songs, nothing will ever come close to moving me the way that this one does. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it. It’s got this other-worldly kind of sound, so achingly beautiful…I just love it.



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6 responses to “I sometimes run and chase the moon

  1. First of all, anyone who missed the genius of this entry,… you are a charleton! Toni Childs vs. a character named Toni Childs who also looks more like the former’s voice sounds?!? *UPROARIOUS APPLAUSE*
    Secondly, the end of that movie was replayed several times because, as in many other examples, we loved this equally. And still do. Other-worldly doesn’t even begin. I absolutely love that I’m finally writing a character for whom I can listen to this song in a loop. Le sigh. Transcendent.

  2. Jen

    Heh. *bows*
    I remember playing the clip over and over again and having NO idea what was going on in the movie really. Didn’t matter.
    Who’s the character?

  3. That was funny!
    She wishes she looked like #2!

    Perhaps I don’t have a soul. To me, it just sounds like she’s singing through a reverb box, or some similar piece of equipment that I played with as a kid. Keyboards are running through a similar effect.

    I’m not saying it’s not good, just that I think my experience has led me to encounter the song in a different way – my brain immediately dissects it into the familiar – ie I get kind of the opposite of an “otherworldy” feeling from it.

    I find the whole process fascinating. The different ways multiple participants can experience the same piece is wonderful, and makes things worth talking about (to me). Not much fun (for me) if everyone is just like “Yeah, that guitar does rock, just like you said. It does remind me of being four and stealing yogurt, just like you said! Yah!” I’d much rather hear another angle.

    What’s really neat, for me, is when two people come at something from radically different angles – they talk about it, and nothing overlaps – but they both love the fuck out of the thing.

    I wonder if there’s an acoustic version floating around where she (or someone else) sings it au naturale (sp?)?

  4. *rolls eyes* Okay, we get it, Andy. You’re adorable. I’d try to be diplomatic enough to agree with you but then I think about how other people’s taste buds tell the onions taste good and my body tells me they smell like b.o. and the morbidly obese. Simultaneously. And I know I just have to stay true to my convictions.

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