Trying not to freak out

I dropped the boys off at daycare this morning and I feel incredibly agitated. It’s weird to be in an empty house after 3 months of (mostly) alone time together. I want to relax but I can’t. Argh! This is hard. I have to get back to that place where I can trust someone else to keep my kid(s!) alive/fed/safe. I feel like my spidey senses are working overtime, I’m fighting the urge to drive back over there and check in on them.

Z didn’t even care that I left. He chirped “Buh-bye!” and went back to playing with his cars. I should be relieved that he didn’t kick and scream for me not to leave him, and I guess I am. A little. I want for him to enjoy his time there, I do. But I also want him to miss me. I’m mostly concerned about little Mad since he hasn’t been taking the bottle so well. The center is close enough to the university that I can drop by and breastfeed him if there is ever an emergency, so why can’t I stop worrying? *sigh*




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9 responses to “Trying not to freak out

  1. Trying to figure out how ‘Clive Barker’ is a related post….

    I’m stressing too, I wish there was an easy way to do these things. HAH. Or at least family with nothing to do all day 3 days a week…

  2. meg

    I wanted to call yesterday and ask how it went but I thought it might be crazy/overly concerned/weird/you get the idea, but I really wanted to know how they did.
    p.s. i think i’m in love with your kids (I almost put “boys” but that could somehow imply Andy and I already have one of those to love)

    • Jen

      Hey, feel free to be “overly concerned” and call anytime. I love that you’re interested 🙂
      Z was a little clingy today when I left, but I think he’ll do okay for the long haul. He’s kind of a bully to the other kids though. Yikes.

  3. Yeay, my Zephyr bully! I love that for some twisted reason. O_o Also, the way you are feeling is the way I have felt since you gave birth to them. I try to trust you to raise my children but it does get hard, at times. Le sigh.

  4. Hey, Jen…guess what I’m gonna say? Guess.

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