What's in a name?

This book sucks

This book sucks

Z is obsessed with the alphabet. OBSESSED. He knows at least half of the letters so far (if not more), genius that he is. And you can’t read a book to him without him either cutting you off and insisting that you tell him exactly what EVERYTHING is (even things that I can’t really define….what is that? A thingamajig? Ummm…that’s a shadow.) or incessantly repeating a word until you echo it, even though you thought you’d already moved on. He will not move on unless he’s damn good and ready, and with each utterance of the word his pronunciation gets even more adorable.

“Apple! A-pple! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaapple! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPLE!”

“Yes! Apple. That’s good sweetie. Okay, B is for bus…”

He’s having a hard time with Q since it looks like an O, but I could have sworn I heard something resembling a Q today. YES! I’m thinking of buying some alphabet cards to put on the wall in his room, he’ll love that.

He’s also getting better about calling animals by their names and not simply calling anything and everything a dog. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: most things are still dogs. Everything in a Dr. Seuss book is probably a dog, since there literally is the lack of a better word. Or it might be a bird. He likes birds. One day when we were on a walk around the neighborhood (FINALLY got a double stroller – I love it!) We had to stop and stare for about five minutes at a crow collecting twigs and stuff for it’s nest while Z screeched “Birrrrd. BIIIIIRD.” The thing finally flew away and Z kept twisting around to look for it so I said, “Bye bye birdie.” to signal that it was time to move on. Now every time he sees a bird he says, “Buh-bye. Buh-bye birdie. Buh-bye.” Precious? Indubitably.

Watch me segue:

Speaking of proper names, I would never have thought Madrox would be so darn hard for everyone to pronounce. Really people? This was an honest to God exchange between me and my step-mil:

MIL: So it’s….Mad Rocks?

Me: Ma-drox.

MIL: Mad Rocks?

Me: Madrox.

MIL: Mad Rocks?

Me: *sigh* Just call him Mad.

FIL: *barks out a laugh* Mad?! Really! Mad? That’s CRAZY TALK.

Um. Yeeeeeeah. I hope he never has a friend named Richard.



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8 responses to “What's in a name?

  1. “Big Dick” we’d call him. He was short, and I think “Little Richard” was already taken.

    Ps. Our kid is adorable.

  2. meg

    So I think we’re on for coming up next weekend so I can squish my face into your two gushy kids. I can’t wait.
    Happy Mother’s day weekend and all that too

  3. Okay, so here’s what you do: buy him flashcards with pictures. When he gets into that (dare I admit) annoying phase that you describe above? You thrust the cards at the excited boy and let him go to town on his own. For the most part, I still had to go through it a jillion times with him insisting I repeat it because I apparently don’t have a good enough grasp of alphabets and words. But there were still dozens of times he took his flash cards and went and sat down. Lovely. He also has those teaching words cards with babies, stairs, plates, etc on them to help build vocab. Gotta go. Imagination Movers is on.

  4. Jen

    Sounds like a plan. There’s a new toy store in the area that we stopped by yesterday that have some really cute ones.

  5. meg

    just beware of ripping, as in get some that are laminated and chew proof.

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