Chelsea Clinton though??!!!! Jena Ma(vomit)lone?! Dang.

Let’s try this again…


Um. That’s a lot of thick lipped white people.



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6 responses to “Nope.

  1. Picture 1) You – and Andy – have to choose pictures that are most representative of how you look! Your cheeks never look as pronounced as they did in that pic, which is why you got CHELSEA CLINTON! But – hah! – you got Asian look a likes, too! I’m not the only chino-flip in the family!
    Picture 2) Much more representative of you. Those people do actually look legitimately like some aspect of you.

  2. I think you and Cintia Dicker (whomEVER she is) need to be friends. It’d be eerie-weird.

  3. Jen

    Looks like she’s some Brazilian (didn’t see that coming) model. Huh.
    Let’s be friends Cintia! I know we have tons in common. 😛

  4. I’m glad everytime I say how hot Tom Welling is, I’m really just lusting after my own si-WHOA. Vomited in my mouth.

  5. meg

    Ah, I am so in love with these things. They’re ridiculous. I mean, seriously ridiculous.

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