Multiple baby

I decided to compare pictures of the boys when they were both a month old. Z is on the left, Mad on the right. Or is Mad on the left and Z on the right? Hmmmmmm? *shifty eyes*

Z and Mad

Z and Mad

Here’s one of the two of them sleeping:

Sleeping babes

Sleeping babes

That? Is the sound of my heart melting.


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4 responses to “Multiple baby

  1. It is really disturbing/cute. I like the way their hair is the same, roughly, in each set of pics. I know who’s who in #1, but honestly I wouldn’t bet money on the second…I mean, I’m *pretty* sure….but no money involved pls.

  2. The second one is pretty crazy – I agree with Andy. Basically they’re just retardedly delicious. Whatchagonnado.

  3. Jen

    I wish the first shot of Z wasn’t so blurry, they’re doing the exact same expression!!!! Did I give birth to the same baby twice?? Only time will tell…

  4. Seriously, the exact same. I want to put them in my mouth.O_O

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