Andy, avert your eyes

Joseph. Gordon-Levitt. SRSLY.

Okay… couple things.

1.Love the clothes. Sweater vests, puffed sleeves, striped ties, summer dresses…super cute.

2. Who doesn’t love the Smiths???!!!

3. Did I mention JGL? (….Zooey’s okay too.)

4. I can’t stop watching the trailer.

Must see this movie.

The end.

Close runner up: Management. Although it looks like it only has one thing going for it. I’ll let you guess what that is.



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2 responses to “Andy, avert your eyes

  1. Anybody who loved him (to death) when he was awkward and 3rd Rock-y (if not before that) will absolutely be entranced by the fact that you don’t see the difference until he talks. And then he’s all man-y and yumtastic. Can. I. Just.

  2. Jen

    He is indeed yumtastic. Especially in a sweater vest.

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