Little Miss Preggers


I had a dream last night that I just reached up inside of my uterus and pulled little Madrox out. *sigh* It was a good dream.

I’m not even technically late yet, but I’m anxious. This is the most pregnant I have ever been people! I just want my body back. I want to meet little Mad and smell his sweet baby smell. I want to wear cute clothes again. I want to be able to hug Andy close. I’m so not good at delayed gratification. You should call me Veruca Salt because I WANT IT NOW!


I really wish I could justify paying almost 50 bucks for this:



The brand is Kids Ink, and pretty much everything in the entire catalog is around that price unless it’s on sale. It’s also all crazy cute stuff. WANT.

Yeah, hi.

Yeah, hi.

Who doesn’t love a ninja baby????

Hey, can someone custom make this outfit for Mad?

This is me being a geek.

This is me being a geek.




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4 responses to “Little Miss Preggers

  1. Um, I won’t be there til Monday. So. Close those legs, missy.

  2. Ninja baby!!
    I don’t get baby clothes costing more than adult clothes. Silly people.

    It is definitely strange being so close to “the date”. I’m not sure if I’m anxious or what. …soon!

  3. Um, what are you talking about, you’re not even pregnant anymore.

  4. meg

    no one’s going to mention how creeping that baby looks?!? I expected more from you guys.

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