Circus Circus

Step right up ladies and gents! Prepare to feast your eyes on the WALKING UTERUS!



Walking Uterus exists solely to spice up your boring ass lives! You can ask it questions, but only if they are annoying and repetitive! Here are some examples: Getting Close huh? You look ready to pop! How ARE you? But really how ARE you?

*lightbulb* Hmmm…this pregnancy thing could prove quite lucrative!



Filed under Preggerville, Rant, Truly?

3 responses to “Circus Circus

  1. How are you?
    When are you due?
    Are you due the same date you told me yesterday? And the day before?
    That would like, be so like, weird.

  2. meg

    you look great, big, but great
    how do you feel?
    are you getting tired of being pregnant?
    when are you due?

    *hand on your belly* can I feel?

    aannnd, I’m done.

  3. Jen

    Heh. You guys are THE BEST. :p

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