Petunia Pickle Bottom and more



I want this diaper bag! Is it worth a hundred and fifty bucks, though? That’s the eternal question.

I just bought these tights:

Not me

Not me

and they feel delicious. 100% cotton so I don’t have to scratch my legs through the fabric! Hooray. I also bought these:

Again, not me

Again, not me

which look lovely but feel a little weird in the rear even though they promise that “Double-seamed rear allows for lots of stretch”.  Lying liars! Either I have an ass as big as Texas, or…wait.  *looks around*

And I saw these shoes on some random fashion blog, wanted them intensely, and found them for only $29 bucks (Amazon)!


 I can’t wait to wear them.

I can’t stop thinking about all the things I want: for the baby, for myself, for the house. I can’t wait until everything is in the right place, just the way I Andy and I want it.



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7 responses to “Petunia Pickle Bottom and more

  1. OK that lady posing in the wilderness with the thermal nylons or whatever…ODD.

  2. Why, what’s gonna happen?! What’s gonna happen when everything’s in place?!?! BOMBS?! TERRORIZATION?! That’s just what I naturally assumed.

  3. Jen

    Bethany: All of the above, my sweet! <.<
    Andy: What, you’ve never posed in the wilderness without pants before?

  4. Links to cotton tights please? Always looking for non-itchy tights.

  5. Ahh…I have seen this Sockdreams place before but there were so many choices I got overwhelmed. Thanks for the recommendation!

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