You're welcome

My coworker Kerrie and I got some delicious Thai food for lunch today at a place called Tsunami Thai (the sticky rice sucked though). A lot of people have commented on how inappropriate the name of the restaurant is due to the tsunami that ravaged Thailand four years ago, so I came up with some other names that might work better:

Snowstorm Thai

Neat and Thaidy

Thaired of Thai?

All Thaid Up

and the bestest name EVAR: Thaifood fever (GEDDIT???)

Yeah…you’re welcome.



Filed under Good times

3 responses to “You're welcome

  1. ….must I always be inspired to start the slow clap, Jennifer? Curb the genius. And I’ll take Meat and Thaidy for $800.

  2. Or Neat. For the less carnivorous dinner patron.

  3. Jen

    HEH. *bows like Ezra*

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