We love to see you grimace

There’s a McDonalds commercial that comes on the radio every morning when I’m driving to work (one of the many reasons I hate the radio):

Woman (thinking): Oh I know she did not just cut ahead of me in line…(speaks aloud) Excuse me, I know you saw me standing here. You better be glad I already had my <disgusting McDonalds meal of some name or another> or it would be on! Whoooo! *cackling laughter*

Hey drivers/pedestrians? Don’t mind me and my violently swerving vehicle. I’m not actually trying to kill you, my mind just melted. Are there really people out there who listen to that and think, “I’ve been in her shoes! Where’s the nearest McDonalds?”

And speaking of fast food, all free food is not created equal. I’ll get rid of 10 Facebook friends for something delicious, but a Whopper? SICK. My dad used to take advantage of the “whopper for a dollar” thing when I was in grade school/junior high and when picking me and my siblings up, would toss one to each of us with gusto. We’d get excited because we never got to eat out that much. But I’d always eat about a quarter of it and then chuck it. Nevermind the fact that mayo was slathered over every inch of the thing, it just tasted like ass. It’s been well over a decade since I ate a whopper and who knows? They might’ve improved it. But it’s Burger King so I doubt it.



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6 responses to “We love to see you grimace

  1. Whoppers are my friend. 😀 I heart them.

  2. BK burgers were always the nastiest, with McDonalds a close 2nd…

  3. WHOA.
    WHOA. … Did you just say MacDonalds was…. SECOND? Sweet merciless assassins, brother.

  4. Jen

    I never understood how you could chow down on those things. *shudder* As far as fast food goes, it’s all about In-N-Out and the Habit. It chaps my hide that Portland has neither. *checks Habit website* OMFG there’s a gazillion Habits in Sac! I wish I’d have known that when I was there!

  5. And that’s like… a Nun-themed burger joint?

  6. And in case I wasn’t clear, MacDonalds will make your anus rot out. As evidenced by the distinctive smell of a child’s farts after eating there. Makes me sick to my stomach almost the way that DWT kids always smelled a little sweet.

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