Goodbye 2008

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Some Christmas shots.

Okay, two things:

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a horrible movie. HORRIBLE. Who are these people that think it’s “outrageously funny”??? Because that’s what all the reviews said. Are they on crack? They must be on crack. The funniest thing about the movie was Jason Segel’s penis and even that was only sort of funny because…it was right there. Ya know, out in the open. Everything just seemed so forced. The jokes, the conversation, the connection between Mila Kunis and Segel…and the Dracula puppet opera? NO. NOT COOL. Not even Bill Hader could save it for me. Segel is so much better as the sidekick, the greasy creepy friend who says things like, “You know who I wanna bang? Felicity Huffman. After Transamerica I just can’t get her out of my mind.”

I can’t take him seriously romancing a girl, I just can’t. I keep picturing him singing “Lady” to Lindsay and thinking, “You’re so fucking corny!” Maybe he should just be the magical caucasian who has no other duty in life but to prop up his friends and bail them out when necessary. Harsh?

2. Runaways is the shit. Why did it take me so long to read it? Andy has been pressuring me for a while to crack it open. I should’ve known I’d love it since it’s written by Brian K Vaughan (who also wrote Y:The Last Man). It’s the story of these kids who find out a terrible truth about their parents (they’re a part of an evil organization called The Pride…DUNDUNDUN) and then they…run away. No but seriously, action/romance/hilarity ensues. Some kids find out they have powers, others get really cool toys to play with. I’m such a girl but Gert and Chase really make me all warm and fuzzy inside. The sucky thing is, Vaughan is just like Whedon in that he kills off the brightest and the best (even though it’s hard to say that because all of the characters rock) so that your heartstrings get ripped the fuck out. It’s the best.

Since I have been holed up in this house for so long (not anymore…the snow has melted! YES!), I’ve been reading a lot of graphic novels/comics: Watchmen, The House of M, Son of M, and am now reading Madrox. I’m sure Andy is pleased. 🙂

This post had nothing to do with 2008. Ah well.

Oh! uh…I was 31 weeks yesterday. It’s getting closer…


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6 responses to “Goodbye 2008

  1. I’ve decided to call your son, Chester.

  2. That makes it sound as though I’m informing Chester of a forthcoming call to his son, doesn’t it?

  3. Jen

    Wow, you’re fast! 😛

  4. She’s all over the blogs today.
    Like food on the floor after feeding a child.

    I’m always pleased with you baby. But I’m even MORE pleased when you read comics ;).

  5. Why are you guys talking about me like I’m not here?!?

  6. megweber

    I’m reading Watchmen right now. Andy is more than pleased, and he bought me the last Fables for Christmas. So yeah, I’m an official convert. I started Y too, but I’m not caught up yet. and 100 bullets is next on my list. geez. nerds. the whole lot of us.

    31 weeks. that means…holy shit. you’re gunna have a baby soon!

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