Book Review: 10 Little Monkeys

I haven’t had time to pick up that many books lately, but I managed to read this book about 300 times in the last year. Go figure. And what I’ve found after even the first read was this: this book is repetitive. Almost too repetitive. The “author” uses pretty much the same words on every page but for one or two exceptions. There is no pretense that this book is going to be anything more than monkeys jumping on a bed, it’s direct and to the point.

The book left a bad taste in my mouth. The mother character was so neglectful that each of her 10 children (where is the father??) ends up with massive head injuries by the end. She is also CRAZY intrusive, busting in on the doctor at home and at his other appointments with no regard for his privacy. And each and every time he gives her his advice, she decides not to take it!

If you’re looking for substance, keep looking. But if you like monkeys, you might like this.

No stars.



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7 responses to “Book Review: 10 Little Monkeys

  1. Holy. Ghost.
    *slow clap*
    Best book review. Ever.

  2. Jen

    I’m currently writing my review for Curious George’s Opposites. I think you’ll be pleased.

  3. God that book was a classic, can’t believe you didn’t love it. It’s just like that movie….you know, I think that movie is about when they grow up and make 2 friends.

  4. kerriew

    You crack me up.

  5. meg

    classic. If this is what we can expect from now on, I’ll take 2 please.

  6. Jen

    *bites fist* Ya’ll are too kind.

  7. I just read this aloud to Auntie Annie and had a good cry.

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