Girls on film, etc

Two movies: I can’t think straight and The World Unseen, deal with an unexpected relationship that develops between two women (one in present day setting, the other in 1950s South Africa). Both star the same two Indian actresses. I am intrigued.

Two documentaries: Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead and Dear Zachary, deal with prolicide/familicide (not all words are fun!). One focuses on the death penalty and the other is a much more personal work for a deceased friend. While I know I probably shouldn’t, I want to see these films mostly because I wonder what makes these kind of people tick, and what made them crack? There’s obviously a screw loose/piece missing, but I still can’t get my head around why. There is no answer and it breaks my heart.

Yeah, probably shouldn’t watch them.

Australia looks uber cheesy, and you cannot tell me that Nicole Kidman hasn’t had work done, but Hugh Jackman is delicious and I can’t resist Baz Luhrman’s theatrical productions.

Star Trek: for obvious reasons. I love how there’s a clip in the preview of Uhura pulling her shirt over her head. Mmmkay. Hailing frequencies open, indeed.

I also kind of want to see Twilight, mostly because I know it’ll be a shitfest. I read the first two books: liked the first one okay and despised the second. Couldn’t bring myself to pick up the third. Stephenie Meyer must get paid by the word because there’s a lot of filler. A LOT. I don’t give a good god damn what this broad makes her father for dinner, get on with it! And when you actively pray for the main character to die a really painful death, you know that can’t be good. I’m team Jacob, by the way. 😛


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