Andy is THIRTY.

So, last weekend Z and I headed off to Sacramento while Andy went to Las Vegas for a couple of days of heavy drinking and heavy petting. He and his friends haven’t seen each other in years so I’m sure they got a little sappy. Guys do that when nobody’s looking. Seriously though, I missed Andy like crazy and we were only apart for 3 days give or take. I’m such a pansy.

I got to see a play on Thursday night: The Color Purple, with my sister and my aunt at the Sacramento Community Theatre. It would’ve been a perfect night if not for this heifa sitting in front of us, cataloging every scene (incorrectly). Finally, a guy in her row had to lean over and ask her to keep it down, to which she stuck her hand up (who says “talk to the hand” these days? So dated.) and rolled her neck and then proceeded to get crazy worked up and threatened the poor man’s life. Bethany and I bit our fists and muttered, “WOW.” Can’t say it wasn’t wildly entertaining, but I really was much more interested in the play. I have to say, now I REALLY have to see a show on Broadway. That’s what I want for my thirtieth birthday.

I wish I could’ve spent more time in Sacramento. It was a small family gathering: just my dad, Bethany, Auntie Annie and my nephew Ezra, but it was lovely just to lounge around, chat and watch the boys play together.

Ezzie gives Z a push

Ezzie gives Z a push

Grandpops with the boys

Grandpops with the boys

Bethany in love.

Bethany in love.

Z was so happy to see his Daddy!

Z was so happy to see his Daddy!



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2 responses to “Andy is THIRTY.

  1. megweber

    Ah. You’re family is so precious. And look at Z playin with his cousin, to much, I can’t wait to see him with his little brother. They’re going to be such buds.

  2. Z is going to have a brother???

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