Candy coated rain drops

My love, do you ever dream of candy coated rain drops? You’re the same my candy rain.

It rained today. Welcome to Portland. The rain was not coated in candy. Speaking of which, Andy and I actually tried to be nice and purchased two bags of candy to give out to those little masked brats and there wasn’t ONE knock on our door. And after all those years of hiding in the basement! You give and you give and you give….

Despite the rain, we took Z out to the Pearl and bought him a new toy and book from one of those pretentious kiddie toy shops that charge an arm and a leg for colorful blocks of wood (we got him a Super Spiral Play tower, btw). I, on the other hand FINALLY got my boots. Yay!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!



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3 responses to “Candy coated rain drops

  1. Rain, you say? Like the alarmingly vicious water beating we took yesterday? Remember that storm last year where several families had to be evacuated due to trees falling into apartment roofs? That’s what I was expecting last night. (Auntie didn’t believe us that the sound above was really rain hitting the roof.) OH! And on the drive down the 17, not only did we have a police escort for part of the way (potential mud slides) but the accident on the other side of the partition included a car that had spun all the way around to face the oncoming traffic. Speaking of which, Auntie wants to know if you’ll drive down here with her on Thurs (when you get here) to pick me and Ezmez up. 🙂

  2. Jen

    Can’t you guys just be there before I get there? 😛 Of course, I’d love to join her.

  3. ….you’re a beast of a woman.
    Uh…I’m gonna talk to Auntie because I wanted to leave on Wednesday but I gotta see about her sh-edule.

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