Z the Mighty

Z is slowly starting to get the hang of turning speech sounds into actual words. He’s a champ at saying No (what fun for me) and said Hi several times last night while taking a bath. He also says (i.e. gurgles) Zuri, kitty, doggy and Daddy. He finds no interest in the term Mama; it’s quite upsetting. According to my in-laws Andy started speaking at nine months and was using complete sentences by the time he was 13 or 14 months. I can’t even imagine being able to communicate with Z on that level, our conversations are all about miming something or trying to decipher which grunt means what. What? Are you pooping? Do you want a banana? Do you want me to stack blocks so that you can knock them down? I have no clue. Help Mama help YOU. I’m actually starting to sound like Gambit, I speak in the third person so often.

Oh! And have I mentioned the dancing? Z is a dancing FOOL. He hears a melody, and starts headbanging. It’s hilarious. It started with his toy train that plays a song every time you put the conductor in her seat. Now it’s EVERYTHING, me singing the ABC’s or even humming and he’s off! It’s yet another thing that makes me want to crush his face with love.


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  1. I still think he does say a word for mama, it just sounds nothing like “mama”. He also has words for shoes “ghxxxu” (it sounds weird, but its like a really back of the mouth gx + u) and socks (can’t remember).

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