Whoa! Boy!

Zain is going to have a little brother come March (didn’t you LOVE my cheesy title?)! Andy and I are very excited. I had been having daydreams about having a little girl lately, though…you know, the dresses, the tights, the little mary janes. This is strange because I never felt like I wanted to have a little girl and then all of a sudden BOOM. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. Andy, of course, can’t wait for one (yes, we are going to try again…several years from now). I even started looking up girl names and found the perfect one. We’ll use it some other time. And although we’ll have to wait a little longer for frilly things, I’m very happy. I can’t wait to see this kid. I mean, Andy and I already know we make good baby! 😛 So this one will be amazing, no doubt. And I’m glad Z will get a playmate so close to his age, plus we’ll save some money on clothes and shoes. 🙂 We’re still going over names (it’s Andy’s turn to come up with a first name…he takes FOREVER), but there are a few that keep coming back up.

The odd thing is: all of my sisters have boys, and all of my brothers have girls (except for one whose second child was a boy). So it seems to be a trend here. I may end up the lone female in this household!




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5 responses to “Whoa! Boy!

  1. Being the Princess doesn’t get old. My son has learned well how to pet my hair per his father’s instructions. HahZAH!

    Yes, it was tradition that forced you to have another boy. At least your first born isn’t old enough to choose his imaginary brother’s name. Ezra’s is apparently named Lake. Which is actually awesome. But not Hebrew so… wait, it doesn’t matter: he’s fake!

    I r happy!!!!! I want more nephews!

  2. Jen

    Ya know, everyone says it’s a 50/50 chance but not in THIS family! 😛
    Lake? Love it. You guys aren’t actually doing the whole must-be-hebrew-or-else name thing are you? Are you guys going to have one more?
    Pretty please?

  3. “You guys aren’t actually doing the whole…” = Heck of a way to phrase a question with commentary imbued! Kudos. And yes, actually, we actually are. And no, we’re not (having one more). Hah! My clever never ends. But yeah, maybe in a year or so, if at all. I guess that means I don’t know, but lean towards no?

  4. Jen

    Lake. is. fake. AWESOME.
    Andy and I are going with the whole Korean name thing. You know how it is. *looks around*

  5. meg

    i said it once but i’ll say it again, i love that you’re having another boy…brothers are awesome. next time we hang out, ask me about the technique to “get a girl”

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