My kid is cuter than your kid

The evidence:

Andy caught him mid-stride. He likes to drag around his alligator xylophone. He looks so determined!

He poses for the camera now. His preciousness KILLS me.


And here is me, 18 weeks preggers.



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7 responses to “My kid is cuter than your kid

  1. Yeay for numero deux!!! What’s funny is I was just telling Ari and Joshie how freakin’ insane it would be if you have a girl….

  2. Jen

    I’m trying really hard not to hope for a girl because then it’ll be a boy. Can’t wait until next Friday…

  3. meg

    next friday? ultrasound day?? tell the baby to spread em’ we all wanna know!

  4. meg

    and also. my heart just melted. seriously. that kid is too much.

  5. Jen

    I suppose I’ll take a boy too…:P Seriously though, I’ve never been particularly good with suspense. I have to know now!

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