Home sweet home

Well, we got back in town on Wednesday night (around midnight). It was hard getting up the next day and going back to work. Getting back into the swing of things. But, I do have to say, we are happy to be home – dreary weather and all! It’s weird, but when people ask me how Hawaii was I feel like my answer isn’t bubbly enough for them : “Well, we survived it!” 🙂 Meh. I don’t have the time to filter out what people don’t want to hear.

Zain and I outside Primitive Rhythm in Paia. I bought this beautiful bangle from there, so happy that I FINALLY found some silver jewelry that didn’t have turtles, dolphins, or huge gaudy pearls on it.

In some antiques store that sold the usual assortment of household items…and X-Men comics.

We went to Flatbread Pizza Co. in Paia…SO GOOD! Best nitrate-free pepperoni pizza I’ve ever had.

You got pineapple in my poi! You got poi in my pinapple! Together they taste like crap. Actually…poi is pretty nasty on it’s own.

At the luau.




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3 responses to “Home sweet home

  1. That last picture is HILARIOUS! He looks a bunch like Ezzie, actually. I WANT TO SUCK HIS NECK!

  2. Jen

    I know…the second he slipped out of my womb I thought he was your child. Thanks for letting me borrow your eggs.

  3. Nnooooo we make our own eggs in these here farm. From scratch!

    That pizza was good, and relatively affordable for Maui! I think it was less than $30, compared to that 50s diner thing was close to $50. And the pizza was about 4.3x better.

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