Aloha and stuff

Andy already (!) posted a blog, so here I go.

We. are. in. Maui. There are times though, that we could fool ourselves into believing that we’re back in California, like maybe that building over there reminds us of one in Santa Barbara, or hey…doesn’t this area remind you of Paso? BUT NO. Every radio station (and there are a LOT) plays a helluva lot of Hawaiian music. And Reggae. So we’ve got to be in Maui. America….FUCK YEAH! (Yeah…don’t ask)

Anyway, we just got back from taking a dip in the pool here. I got a couple of tans (the design on the suit was actually TATTOOED on my back) and Andy avoided getting a sunburn. Z splashed and splashed to his heart’s content. There were some annoying lushes there, so we didn’t stay as long as I would’ve liked. Tonight we’ll head out to the ocean. Earlier we drove to LaHaina to check out Front Street (which you can’t get to from jump street, might I add) and shopped a bit. Did I mention that things (i.e. EVERYTHING) are really overpriced here? Yeah. Especially food. ETA: Actually…looking at the receipts now, we didn’t pay much more for clothes/swimwear then we would’ve anywhere else. They were on sale though.

Sidenote: Z is staring at himself in the mirror right now, gurgling and doing this really creepy weezy laugh that he just perfected. He is so precious I could crush him.

So it’s hot and lovely here. It’s definitely weird having a toddler with you on vacation, I never appreciated the freedom that I had before to just get up and do whatever without a thought to anyone else. And-I’m pregnant, so that adds a layer of exhaustion and crankyness. Poor Andy. He’s got two babies on his hands. I’ll let him go snorkeling first. 😛




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6 responses to “Aloha and stuff

  1. meg

    this is so ridiculously amazing. I’m so excite to hear all your adventures over there, and to see PICTURES! WTF??

    hope you die of happiness, or at least come close.

  2. woah woah woah, don’t jinx my wife with death!

    yeah you know…you guys could probably come with us next time 😉

  3. Where are you guys staying, btw? As in what part of the island. And when you went to Lahaina did you see our new Rip Squeak gallery?!? You… probably woulda mentioned. LOOK FOR IT. Zainy would love the images.

  4. Jen

    I saw it, I squealed, I took pictures. I forgot to put it in the post. Sorry. 🙂 I was super excited, I told Julia -who works there- “Bethany’s my sister!” She said she talks to you all the time on the phone. AND she’s from San Luis Obispo. Sweeeeet.
    We bought Z a book and looked at the lovely paintings. Too bad we didn’t have a couple hundred to drop on one. 😛
    We’re staying in Napili, at Napili Point. It’s about twenty minutes from Lahaina.

  5. I just got an email from her!! She was like, “I met your sister and brother! They were so nice!” Aww, I wish I coulda gone and seen Zain’s reaction to the pictures. Did you get one of the new board books? Put up some pictures!!

  6. We stayed in S. Kihei, by the way, which was not twenty minutes from Lahaina.

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