What is up with all the men in this town who use wheelchairs but navigate with their feet? Yesterday some guy pushed himself backwards across a busy street (Is that jaywalking?  Jaywheeling? ….whatever) almost getting himself killed. Why backwards? I have no clue. Of course he’s crazy, I have no doubt. But I have seen SEVERAL men in wheelchairs now who do the exact same thing, who refuse to use their arms to , I don’t know, navigate their chairs and insist on shuffling their feet madly to move themselves along. What, I ask, the fuck?

Neither here nor there: I’ve also seen an alarming amount of white people with “dreads” here (it’s an epidemic, actually). One big fat mass of matted hair is not appealing. It’s also not dreads. Not really. Give up the fight.


Today I went and visited Z at daycare during my lunch break. I ate my chili and he munched on his pasta. One of the kids, a four year old, watched us while we ate with interest. Then she said, “Your skin is darker than his.” And I replied, “Yep.” She then cocked her head to the side and said, “My mom has long hair. Long blond hair.” Then I responded that there are all different types of hair and she lost interest. Ah, four year olds. I wonder what non sequiturs Z will be spitting out at that age.

Speaking of hair, I’ve been wearing it natural for the last couple of days. My coworkers have seen my hair like this SEVERAL times and yet they still manage to ask the same questions. Did you cut it? How do you get it like that? Do you have a perm? I almost want to teach a class on black hair and get paid for it. Listen up ladies, white women get perms to curl their hair. Black women get perms to straighten theirs. No, I didn’t cut my hair, it just shrinks massively when it’s wet.

And so on.




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10 responses to “…Buh?

  1. The funny thing is I TOTALLY remember that dude doing the exact same thing when we lived here before. Crazy never dies!

  2. meg

    1. some white women get perms to straighten their hair.
    2. we call those one mass “dread” heads “hippies” here.
    3. I almost laughed out loud about the your skin is darker thing, not cause it’s funny, but cause my immediate thought was, “what an idiot! Z is totally darker than Jen.” Wait. ok. no. the 4 year old was right, I’m wrong. sheesh. I’m dumber than a 4 year old.
    and…4. jaywheeling. i love it.

  3. I told you about the matted-haired-white-rasta guy who sat in front of me in class at UCSC whose one dread was hanging off of a huge bald spot by three strands of hair?!?

  4. Jen

    Meg: 1. Are they Jewish? But seriously, I guess I already knew that: every so often there would be a white girl strolling out of a hair salon that I’d be strolling into, tossing her newly straightened hair. It was kind of like when white women first started to get weaves put in, when I was younger I remember it being something that (white) people would gawk at before (everyone assumed black women couldn’t grow their own hair) and now it’s totally mainstream and acceptable. Thank you Britney and Paris! /sarcasm
    3. You’re silly. 4. I aim to please!

    Beth: No you didn’t…I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  5. Stevens

    Hair is overrated.

  6. Jen

    You speak the truth as always, my friend. 😛

  7. Stevens

    Though maybe if I got some awesome white rasta hair I could get someone to rent my spare room! This one girl was about to take it but then told me she couldn’t because she was “quite physically attracted to me”. Was the oddest voicemail to wake up to while hungover in Vegas.

    True story.

  8. Jennie

    K, so you can totally call me a stalker…It’s Jennie from The Garden…and I just remembered I had found you in the giant tubes of internet. There was a little boy that toured with his family today that reminded me of Z (not nearly as cute of course) and I thought about you! So awesome to see you are having another baby!!!!! Congrats! Again, sorry if its stalkerish, I don’t mean to be, scouts honor.

  9. Jen

    Hey Jennie! No, I don’t think you’re a stalker, you can read my blog all you like! That’s what it’s here for. 🙂
    How’s everything going at the Garden? How’s married life?
    Z is doing well. He’s been really clingy lately though.

  10. Jennie

    Garden= good. You missed the whole remodel done thing…complete with a stuffy cocktail dinner where they tried to make the Garden into the Garden with wine. Yeah, not impressed :). We still can’t hang art on the walls which is totally driving me crazy. I’m not bitter though. Plus my favorite little Pirate man Z isn’t there anymore. Just isn’t the same!
    Married life is exactly the same as non married life…I guess that’s what happens when you live together for 4 years before you get married. Takes the sheen off it. Apparently we missed the notice that our newlywed period was in 2004…we should have enjoyed it more.
    Oh Z. How many other kids are at home care he is at? I know my opinion doesn’t really matter on the subject, but I think you guys totally did the right thing. As much as I miss the kid, sometimes I think smaller home cares are better than daycare despite popular opinion, the Garden included. Just a thought. 🙂 We’ve had 5 babies leave in the past month that either went to home cares or are staying home with mom. Crazy.
    Okay, Take care!

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