Note to self

Do not look up search engine terms.

I’m not even going to acknowledge some for fear of Creepy McCreepsters being directed here. But here are some of the funny ones (mostly if you watch BSG):

fracking Dualla

“guess you got the house” apollo

pictures of geeks

baby born with teeth

shopping and fucking justin theroux

shit in her mouth

what does t’aimer mean in french

my sister is my daughter

“the force is strong in this one” onesie

The top search on my blog is apparently Big Love. Who’d have thought?


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3 responses to “Note to self

  1. People search for the darndest things. I’m just wondering what you had on your site that triggered the ‘shit in her mouth’ hit in the first place?

  2. Jen

    No clue babe. No effing clue.

  3. Stevens

    So I thought I’d drop by for some casual stalking, when I noticed one of my favorite search topics mentioned and figured I’d say hi. So, hi!

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