He's a small oneder

Andy and I decided to spend Z’s birthday at the zoo. It wasn’t as sunny as I would have liked, but we had fun. He focused more on random strangers than the animals, though. We had a picnic lunch there, and Z had a couple of bites of a bald cupcake before letting it fall to the ground. We bought him a stuffed rhino before we left.

Here are a couple of random shots from the day.

And Z finally has a tooth coming in! It’s causing a lot of sleepless nights.


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5 responses to “He's a small oneder

  1. Anything I say will just be an understatement. So I’ll just sacrifice myself on this itty bitty Zain alter I’ve fashioned. *dies*

    *resurrects* Send me these pictures please. *re-dies*

  2. Yes, mucho sleeplessnes 😦

    I hope Z had fun, he didn’t seem to react to the animals much, but he seemed to like being outside with us all day. He ate his first lunch in his stroller/picnic lunch.

    He’s so freaking precious!!

  3. Jen

    Heh. I’ll send you some pronto.
    And yes, he is indeed precious…even when I’m exhausted and I want to scream at the top of my lungs.

  4. meg

    ah, a year old. Un-crazy-imaginable. A visit to the land of Z needs to be discussed.

  5. Jen

    Hey…speaking of which…what are you guys doing for the 4th?

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