Dream a little dream

Sorry, this post isn’t about Corey Feldman. Maybe we’ll chat about him later. I just needed a witty title for my dream post. So, I had some incredibly vivid and weird dreams last night. The first one took place in a hospital. I think I had just gotten a job there. One of my co-workers, a curly headed scrubs wearing male introduced himself by hugging me. While he did this, he managed to grop my ass for an extended period of time. And I -enjoying the butt massage- did nothing about it. I just let him feel me up. Then afterwards, the guilt sank in. Why did I let him do that? I had to find him and make him apologize! When I finally did find him, I realized I hadn’t. I mean, it was a girl with the same hairstyle. And she couldn’t understand for the life of her why I was bothering her with such nonsense. “I’m sorry!” I said, “But you all have the same hairstyle, I couldn’t tell you apart!” Everywhere I looked, I saw brown curly heads of hair. I finally found the guy again, but he had turned into this sickly little creature who had a nasty cough and was shuddering violently. I suggested that he see a doctor…after all, he WAS in a hospital. Then all of sudden, I was in the cafeteria surrounded by nurses and hospital workers, talking about the horrible conditions at the hospital, and about how they (the higher ups?) cared more about vending machines than about paying us what we were worth. Then someone, I’m guessing my superior, wheeled in a vending machine as a gift to all of us. ???

My second dream was at a beach somewhere with my two sisters Anastasia and Bethany, Z (who was walking!) and Andy, who would look like himself at one point, and then Thomas Haden Church at another. When he was Thomas, he wore a black and white striped long sleeved shirt with a black and white striped skullcap. And he had a incredibly thick southern accent.

Maybe I’m dreaming of beaches because I’m anticipating our anniversary trip to …MAUI! in September. I cannot wait!

I think I’m going to get two new bathing suits. One will be lime green, definitely. 🙂


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3 responses to “Dream a little dream

  1. I keep the baby in September. I KEEP THE BABY!

  2. Man, I looked like a guy pre-named after the most massive internet meme ever! I don’t know what that means, but I’m sure it’s deep.

    Mmmmm. beaches. Soon.

  3. Jen

    I love how my possible related post is “Baseball was leader in integration”.

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