Oh my baby. Oh my baby. Oh why. Oh why.

My baby is turning one in less than a month. C’mon c’mon c’mon get through it… Jesuscristalmightybythebeardofzues what the hell? I’m to that point where my Zain-awe is starting to elicit glazed over eyes and looks of boredom. I’m sorry I still find my child fascinating! I wish I could not sit dumbfounded when in the company of people my own age and stare at my kid like an idiot, I really do. And yes, I’m being serious. I sometimes feel like my social skills are seriously impaired. Not to mention my mental capacity. Yeah yeah we’ve been through this. I’ve mentioned this before, and I will continue to sound like a broken record. I’m waiting for that feeling waiting for that feeling waiting for that feeling to come…

It’s makes sense that I’m listening to one of the most maddeningly repetitious songs I’ve ever heard: Tender by Blur.

But like I was saying: Z is almost a year old. All I want before that day comes is to see one…ONE…tooth up in his mouth. Just one! It’s the small things that apparently matter to me. Nevermind that he happily mashes up anything you place in his hand between his gums, I’d like those two bottom teeth that have been lurking at the top of his gums for about six months now to pop out and say hello.

I smell shit. Off to do my duty.


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5 responses to “Oh my baby. Oh my baby. Oh why. Oh why.

  1. That picture is ridiculously insanely delicious. I’m trying to make money appear that will allow me to visit for Zain’s birthday. Because he needs me. I can feel it.

  2. meg

    how is this possible? a year! I’m appalled that he’s already turning one. It’s to soon. He’ll be off to kindergarten before I know it and that is soo not okay.
    When’s the party?

    I am dyeing looking at him in that photo. he is to much. to freaking much.

  3. Jen

    you survived the first month πŸ™‚

  4. Jen

    Meg: We were thinking about a party but seeing as though he doesn’t know what is going on anyway, we decided to just do a small celebration with just the three of us. That way we don’t have to entertain a room full of babies. πŸ˜›
    Jen: Yeah, this year has gone by so fast!

  5. It’s been a crazy, demanding and wonderful almost-year. I’ll say this again in a few weeks. Mu hahah. Man, the teeth thing is getting old…they’ve been nubbing there for like, what, 6 months now?!?!?

    Come on out ya little bastards!

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