L'Eggo my Preggo


Let my preggo goooooooo.

Oh. Such good times. Doesn’t really make sense, but it’s funny just the same. (Heh)

So I’m really not surprised, I’m pretty sure this song and dance will never get old. Get pregnant, go on the Today show. Get asked the same question, “Are you planning on having more?” and then they parrot out the same tired answer, “We’d love to! Children are a gift from God!” Or maybe TLC will film a special about it, with a surprise ending: Guess who’s knocked up? No, seriously.


You know, as my co-worker told me today: “They’re not hurting anyone.” And that is true. But it’s still DELICIOUSLY annoying. The fact that she’s been in a pregnant state for more than a third of her life? Kind of creepy. The fact that ALL of their daughters want to be stay at home moms? Kind of scary. And then there’s the outfits. THE OUTFITS. *shuddershake* But here’s the thing: Jim Bob and Michelle can keep on keepin’ on. They can smile and nod and act as if they’re actually doing some good in this world by not using contraceptives (not even a condom people? Jesus name!). Mama Duggar can ring in Mother’s Day and pretend that she’s Super Mom even though it’s really the village raising the children…I’d imagine the workload gets easier when you’ve got 20 hands or more to ease the pain.

But…could they do all of this…walking off into a sunset or something? Waving goodbye as they sail away to some unchartered territory?

…good times…


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4 responses to “L'Eggo my Preggo

  1. Mmmm, pictures of sexay outfits?!

  2. meg

    um. first thought. do you really have to name them all J names? is that necessary?
    second thought. I’m going to write a post soon, but there’s this thing called fertility awareness and timing of sex to get or not get pregnant is totally possible, and it isn’t god, it’s science. and sheesh, i wish people weren’t so stupid.

  3. Jen

    The Jinger thing really gets to me. Ginger with a J? REALLY?? Ya’ll are idiots.

  4. meg

    wait, i missed that one.. priceless!

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