She's my daughter AND my sister





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5 responses to “She's my daughter AND my sister

  1. Ambrosia.
    That’s the nastiest thing I can think of and shall heretofore describe my most horrific disgust. Remember? That ambrosia Mom used to make in that huge tubberware basin. With mini colorful marshmellows and grapes and coconut and junk.

  2. meg

    i’m in shock. seriously disturbing.

  3. meg

    um. why did it post that quilt photo next to my name?

  4. Jen

    I think I can reset it so that you get a wacky cartoon face instead! 😛 I’ll have to ask Andy about that.

  5. meg

    wow, wacky cartoon face. man.
    and also. tell your sister to change her blog so people like me can comment. it won’t let me and that’s sad, cause i have tons to say, tons.

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