I suppose another post is in order.


Just kidding.

Anyway. EBay. It’s evil. Explain to me how I’m going to bid on a vintage article of clothing…vintage meaning gently used, even though some of these things look completely worn the fuck out…that would probably cost me 2 bucks at The Salvation Army? And in the last couple minutes of bidding everyone gets ferocious and one ups each other and you end up with a selling price of …what’s that? 60 dollars?? A cool 100?? You have GOT to be kidding me.

Yeah, I’m bitter. I wanted that damn jacket.



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3 responses to “I suppose another post is in order.

  1. meg

    i love ebay for finding clothes that I could never technically in any other way get my hands on cause it’s from Connecticut or something, but seriously!?!?! don’t people realize what things are worth? they’re not worth crazy bidding war prices that’s for sure. sheesh.

  2. Jen

    Have you ever actually gotten anything for a deal on EBay? I’ve heard tales but it all seems to be smoke and mirrors.

  3. I got my tiny earbuds, two air mattresses… there has to be something else.

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