California. Knows how to party.

Oregon wishes it were California. The sun came out to play today and everyone went berserk. I actually saw two guys doing flips (shirtless) across the grass. There were, of course, countless frisbee games, Tupac and Bob Marley playing in the background, and naked limbs as far as the eye could see. Don’t break out that sunscreen just yet kids! It’s only April.

Here’s to sunny weather. I recently bought these:

and these:

Wow. That gladiator sandal looks like it’s going to kick the Frye Agatha pump’s ass (This…is…SPARTA!!!!!!!). I would resize it, but…meh. Anyway, I’m excited about wearing sandals and tank tops. Sandals seem to be year round here, though: I’ve seen many students lumbering around campus in flip flops and those god awful tevas in the pouring rain. Kooky.

Maybe soon I’ll post pictures of me in lovely spring/summer outfits. I won’t be bounding shirtless across the grass, though.



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5 responses to “California. Knows how to party.

  1. Stevens

    Sandals are for dirty hippies and we all know how I feel about them.

  2. Jen

    All sandals are not created equal my friend! But dirty hippies are annoying…

  3. Dirty hippies are not just annoying, Jennifer. They’re unpatriotic. Wait, actually a lot of them are. And if this were indeed Sparta… that Frye Agatha pump would be the larger shoe. And would almost get pwned but then not.

  4. meg

    heels and sandals together in one is the best.

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