Cry little sister

Wow. Why did this need to happen? What’s that? Is that a “direct to video” I see? *slaps forehead* Sweet Jesus. I’m not even going to link to the trailer…so horribly bad.

Who’s hoping that there’s a segment where Corey Feldman treats the audience to his own rendition of…what was Michael Jackson’s latest “hit”…Blood on the Dance Floor?!

The Lost Boys is one of those movies that I will love forever based on the fact that my family and I watched the movie about a hundred times and quoted it often, and … Jason Patric was hot. With about three t’s. Jami Gertz was HILARITY in that movie. Her “dancing” during the greasy gyrating saxophonist concert? Classic. She basically stands on a rock, grooving, with her mouth open for at least a full minute. Gaping mouth apparently = sexy. And her delivery gets me time and time again.

“What’s your name?”

“Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.” (said with mouth open, in a dizzingly stupid fashion)

Meanwhile, Michael (Patric, looking all sensuous) acts like she just cured cancer.

I still believe!



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7 responses to “Cry little sister

  1. Just saw a sliver of whatever crappy sitcom she’s now/recently in. “How far you’ve fallen,” I quietly offered as I continued my channel-flipping pace. Already heard about the movie to come and – get this; any Clemons would vomit with confusion at this one – heard tell that many people wanted Keifer to reprise his role. Um….hein?!?

  2. Well, it *would* be a movie and he’s currently living in TV land.

    But seriously…maybe the Coreys will finally get it on. Wouldn’t that be creepy?

  3. Um…precious….Kiefer’s dead. We saw his beautiful vampire face morph back into the angelically soft skin we love so dear, ‘member? To “bring him back” would be adding injury to insult. Of course, since we live in “Santa Carla” or whatever they called Santa Cruz in that movie, I have to hear every potential spoiler to this otherwise entirely overlooked and johnny-come-lately sequel.

  4. Stevens

    Maybe he can just be Jack Bauer in the sequel. That might save the otherwise terrible film that will be released. WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.

  5. HAH! I think we can all get behind that. Well. Those of us who’ve ever seen an entire episode of 24.

    Which I haven’t.

  6. Jen

    Hey, Beth.. do you think saying “Johnny-come-LAMEly sequel” would be too much? A little buck? Or just genius?
    Yeeeeah. Crossover! … Uh, I haven’t seen a full episode of 24 either.

  7. *chuckle, snort* LAMEly. *snort*

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