To(the)Morrows: I'll love ya, tomorrow!

My family (sister, bil and nephew) left yesterday after a lovely weekend romp in Portland/Vancouver. ‘Twas a sad moment. But we took about…2,000 pictures?… so the memory of last weekend will live on. And we’ll probably see them in the near future. So there’s that. But for now, I miss them.

Z was IN LOVE with Ezra, who was in turn afraid of Z.

Her love fills me with rage.

And then came the modeling…




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6 responses to “To(the)Morrows: I'll love ya, tomorrow!

  1. Ya’ll got some broken-ass legs.
    Good thing we have insurance!

  2. YOU FIXED IT!!!! I won’t ruin the miracle by saying what… but … tell me how please, lol. I freakin’ love our modeling pictures! Except how I forget I’m tall and if I tip my head back constantly, you’re seeing my doublish chin, nostril crevices and generally not a pretty image!
    I totally miss you guys like mad and am sleepier than a bear in hibernatin’ season.

  3. Jen

    I used the poster edges filter on photoshop…my favorite one. It makes everything look like a comic book picture!
    I miss you guys too, and am also exhausted. I envy your ability to sleep in!

  4. You mean you envy my ability to go back to sleep.

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