What the frack.

LOVE. But where the hell is Billy in all of that?


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7 responses to “What the frack.

  1. Holy crap. Well. Now that I’m caught up…

  2. Oh no…wait, I’ve forgotten who Billy is.

  3. Jen

    Billy, the president’s assistant? No mention of his death or anything. But, to be fair…it’s an eight minute clip.:P

  4. meg

    billy was awesome. i don’t like tori at all and now that she’s a cylon, well geez, now we’ll never get rid of her.
    have you guys seen the miniseries about Pegasus?

  5. Jen

    Yeah, Razor I think it was called? It was alright. What did you think?
    I can’t wait for the new season!

  6. Dude.
    I totally don’t even remember the Pegasus thing.
    Oh wait, it’s kind of coming back now.

    I want a brain tune up. And why do I always want to write “wan’t”??

  7. meg

    Yeah, Razor, I liked it just cause it’s of the Battlestar family and I’m totally craving Battlestar, Battlestar, Battlestar. When’s the new ones starting? we probably won’t see them for a while, unless we buy them from itunes.

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