Pourquoi les taire?

I’ve already mentioned this, but I really want to see this flick. Really really. I will memorize all of the songs and will have no clue what I am singing about. And I will do it with fervor.  I especially like this song, especially when she chimes in, “Pourquoi les taire?”

Life. I’ve taken two sewing classes so far, HILARIOUS of me to think that I would need only class (that meets once a week, besides) to be a sewing champ. I’m of that strange breed that needs things banged into my head over and over again until it sticks. …Unless it has to do with movie/tv trivia. But I have these dreams of making my own clothes and it SHALL be a reality, so I hammer away.

Z. He is quickly becoming a blur, he crawls so fast. He’s constantly pulling himself up and testing his boundaries, letting go with one hand and trying to balance. He’s very vocal, and I’d like to think that he knows I’m mama when he says it. It blows my mind to think of him walking and talking, but we’ll be there soon. So soon. It’s time to get started on baking the next one! I wonder how long it will take this time. What if I can’t get pregnant again? What if? We’re entering into dangerous territory for me: wondering how long it’ll take, worrying that it will never happen… then when it does, worrying that I’ll miscarry again, and hoping that the baby will be okay…I can’t quite comprehend creating another little one and loving him or her with the same bone crushing intensity that I love Z.

Speaking of clothes, I love the Genuine Baby line by Osh Kosh. The colors are great (lots of oranges and teals)! At first I was doing cartwheels for Carters, but Genuine Baby has me…eh, you get the idea. But seriously. So cute!

And speaking of baby stuff, I just ordered a BabyHawk: . My co-worker Kerrie clued me in on it. She recently ordered an Ergo, but lusts after these bad boys. I got the pumpkin colored one, with some flower-ish detail on the back. I can’t wait to strap Z to my back and go! The sun has to come out first though…*glares at the cloudy sky and growls*

Yeah…I should go to bed.

Ton feu nourri de questions
sur le pourquoi du comment
de mon coeur et ses raisons
ne trouvent pas de répondant
je ne manque pas
de bonnes raisons pour t’aimer
je ne vois pas
pour quelles raisons te les donner ?!?
mes bonnes raisons pour t’aimer
pourquoi te les donner ?


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9 responses to “Pourquoi les taire?

  1. Thanks, now I really wanna see that, too, and I’m trying to get over the fact that she’s supposed to be so pretty!! Just being French does not make you hot, mon chou! (Anyone else see Swimming or Swimming Pool ou alors quelques choses comme ca!) Thanks.

  2. Jen

    Yeah I know! Apparently she was supposed to be hot in Swimming Pool too. *mind is boggled* I remember seeing previews and wondering…is that snaggletooth supposed to be ATTRACTIVE? Say it ain’t so!

    But Louis Garrel….mmmmmm.

  3. meg

    i want to eat your little mister’s face, he’s so freaking adorable! you should read a book i just picked up, “Taking charge of your fertility” it might help with some of the anxiety issues you mentioned.
    and. also. i want to see you soon. cause i’m bored and you’re rad.

  4. Jen

    I’ll check the book out – thanks for the suggestion!
    And I want to see you soon too! It’s been too long.

  5. Actually, I too have a book suggestion. Seeing as I’m at least as good a sister as this Meg fellow, if that is her real name. It’s called “Your Vagina And You”. I’m writing it right now. But basically it’ll have a macaroni and glue portrait of the general vicinity.

  6. B: You shouldn’t put so much macaroni in the vicinity of your vagina. It might stay that way. PS: Plane tickets and asses moving.

    J: French people tend to be weird looking to us Americawhatzits right…wasn’t Johnny Depp dating a really weird looking French model??

    M: We want to see you guys soon! Gotta see the new place! Exclamation point!

  7. A: Just because you’re included above in the most gorgeous picture known to man doesn’t mean you can talk about French people and their hit or miss appearances! Secondly, I am buying the tickets next week and hoping the “getaway” price doesn’t entirely skyrocket!

  8. B: macaroni and vagina’s do not go together.

    J: seriously read that book, it’s totally worth 23 bones. i’m actually learning stuff from a woman that seems to be a bit of a hippie of sorts.

    A: we’re moving next saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And then we’ll be in Portland cause Science Heroes are playing a show up there, the next weekend after that…so we’ll see you soon i hope.

  9. That Meg Fellow: !! YES!! You are awesome for changing your name! And why is everyone against my artistic macaroni expression?!?

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