Hey whoa.

I’m up at 7…by choice. Whoa. Just…had to get up. *scratches head* These things can happen I guess. Wacky fun…

What to talk about…what to talk about.

Well. I registered for a sewing class at PCC. It’s a month long class, so who knows how many I’ll have to take in the series to really get the hang of it. I don’t know if a month will be all it takes. I hope to be making my own clothes (and my kids’) someday. People will gawk. People will covet. My mother made clothes for my sisters and I when we were younger. Jumpers, poodleskirts, etc. It was so much fun picking out patterns and fabrics! Here’s a pic of me and my sister Anastasia in grade school: I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding us in this picture. Fuck, we were cute! And check out our Punky Brewster high tops! Paired with our jumpers (courtesy of my mother) and frilled collar/sailor tops no less! And whoa…why do some of the girls in our class look like they’re forty? The feathered dos, the pearls? Bad combination.

I love how serious I look as I twirl. Mind you, I started twirling after I knew my Dad was going to take the picture. So dramatic! But check out the skirt that my mom made. It was made for twirlin’. Also check out the cabbage patch doll that my sister Bethany is holding. I need that for Zain. Love. it.

I don’t think that my mom made any of these outfits. But ASDLKJASLKDJ. Can you deal with this? Ana’s wearing yellow overalls with a red shirt. It’s enough to make my head explode. In a good way. Let’s not even get into the dresses. AWESOME.



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8 responses to “Hey whoa.

  1. I freakin’ loved our clothes made by Mom. I’d go to Capital Christian School in kindergarten and be like… why don’t you guys have poodle skirts. And sing songs from Kiss Me Kate. Weirdos.

    I can’t wait to get in a sewing class.

    And finally, at your ugliest. It was too easy to be the prettiest girls in school. Man. White kids. …. Precious?

  2. Jen

    Yeah, I wonder what happened to those clothes, we couldn’t have thrown them out right? I’m sure some of them have to be buried in Dad’s garage just waiting to be digged up. They’re probably covered in rat poop. 😦
    We did go to school with some unfortunate souls, huh? I mean, DAMN.

  3. I just wanna reitterate how much cuter our childhood pictures are based on clothing style alone. Whimsical. How many kids in the eighties actually were bought Joe Camel sweatshirts??! You’d be surprised. Not that’s not the word. Disgusted.

  4. …Of course, I mean “No”…

  5. meg

    picture 1 – you two are on the top row, left, correct?

    I love, love, love your twirling. Zain’s gunna need a sister cause I won’t stand for you NOT making one of your kids that exact same skirt!

  6. Jen

    Yeah, in the blue suit. Good times…

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