Only in dreams (you’ll see what it means).

Zain has been sleeping the past couple of nights for at least 6 hours. And I’ve been a good girl, I’ve been going to bed before 10 and I can’t even explain what’s it’s like to get a good amount of sleep again. Yes I can: it’s HEAVENLY.

I had several interesting dreams last night. I don’t know if had anything to do with the food I ate (it was a cheeseburger and tater tots, plus raspberry cheesecake for dessert. All courtesy of McMenamins.) but it was all very vivid. Here’s what I remember, plus some song lyrics about dreaming thrown in for good measure.

The first involved Justin Theroux. This is the second dream that I can remember having about him. I think I have a crush on him. Anyway, I was at Fred Meyer’s, and he walked up to me carrying a copy of his film Dedication and a bag of popcorn. He said that if I bought a bag of popcorn I could get his film half off. I said, “Uh… sure!” I took it from him and then I proceeded to follow him around the store. At one point he asked me where the books were. I told him and together we looked at the book selection. Somewhere in there Andy and some random girl joined us.

All your dreams are over now.

But not really. In the second dream Andy and I went clothing shopping. I remember looking at some red skirts and deciding to write on them. I wrote on the inside of each some deep, Mother Theresa quote. I then hung them back up. Then I got concerned that someone would accuse me of plagiarism (yes, this is what I worried about, nevermind the fact that I just defaced the store’s property!) so I tried to cross out what I had written. I watched helplessly as two of the skirts were bought so I could only “fix” one.

Dreaming. Dreaming is free.

The third dream involved Zain having a full mouth of teeth. The scary thing was that they looked like dentures: big scary teeth in a little baby mouth. Ew. I kept telling Andy “Oh my god, they came in overnight!” but he kept looking and couldn’t see them.

I must be dreaming or pinch me to waking.




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4 responses to “Only in dreams (you’ll see what it means).

  1. The teeth bit at least makes sense, because Z might have his first toothy coming in! I could swear we saw it, but he was really cranky last night and wouldn’t let us check.

    I think I was dreaming about Saving Silverman…can’t figure how else I got the Neil Diamond song stuck in my head (although I am wearing blue jeans…).

  2. Allow me to answer with a lyric of my own:


    But we’re the Misfits.

    Our songs are better.

    We are the Misfits.

    The Misfits….

    And we’re gonna get ‘er.

  3. Jen

    Jen is truly outrageous. Truly truly truly outrageous. Whoa-oa-oa Jen!

  4. meg

    the one about the denture, man teeth in Z’s mouth made me laugh. and I really want to know what woman Andy picked up at Fred Meyers!

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