Oh Tyler, you do beat all…

Dear Tyler,

I just watched the preview for your new movie Meet the Browns. First off, can I just say that I appreciate the fact that you are creating more roles for black actors and I love that your movies continue to open at #1 even though the previews only seem to play on BET or Sunday night on the CW (what a nice F U to the naysayers).

But seriously…the whole movie was crammed into that there trailer. Do you want to leave ANYTHING to the imagination??? Wowzers. I also remember one preview for Daddy’s Little Girls where you were hyping up the movie, “You will be moved. You will be amazed.” Uh, Tyler? Chill on that, mkay? I’d like to form my own conclusions thankyouverymuch.

Yeah. I’m done.


Anyway, that (Daddy’s Little Girls) reminds me… Gabrielle Union ? Your character on Ugly Betty? Not. Feeling. It. Take that ish somewhere else. Although you can’t be blamed for shoddy writing. But I still love you. I love you so much that I’m renting “The Night Stalker” through Netflix and trying really hard to like it. It’s not bad, just merely… meh. I also got Constellation a couple months back. I tried to go see it when it was in the theaters but it was only here in Portland for like…a week. Weird little flick, but I liked it. Billy Dee Williams+Rae Dawn Chong+Lesley Ann Warren=too awesome to miss. Lesley Ann Warren was in this movie called A Fight For Jenny in the late eighties with Philip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice, I remember watching that when I was a kid and being enthralled by an interracial romance on television. Although I was a bit befuddled as to why Philip was rolling around on the ground with the lady with the really annoying mouth from Cinderella. Anyway, Lesley plays one of Billy Dee’s wives (or past lovers) in the film and Rae plays another. It’s so I love the eighties!



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4 responses to “Oh Tyler, you do beat all…

  1. I say we talk about how Lady Luck stole the SuperBowl for the Giants.

  2. Jen

    I don’t watch football.

  3. It’s the one where the guys smack each other on the butts a lot. But they have clothes on.

  4. Clothes?! … Wait, then what am I watching?

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