Go Z Racer, go!

Zain is crawling!!!! He started scooting right around the time we went to go visit Andy and Meg in Eugene and then a couple weeks later he was focused and determined! It’s so insane how fast it’s all happening. Suddenly I’ve got to worry about putting Z in one spot, turning for one second and there he is, across the room and eating the XBox. He’s also really fascinated with the table in the living room and the exersaucer. All of these things I would prefer him NOT having his mouth on.

Dear Z,

You look great in houndstooth, have I told you that?

Oh and btw, you’re awesome.

Love, Mama



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3 responses to “Go Z Racer, go!

  1. Basically yeah, anything you think would be the last thing he would be interested in….right for it.

  2. Like Daddy Fungus Foot.

    But…I’ve been staring at this picture for a few days now and… I really should get back to my own life. … Well. Maybe just a few more days.

  3. meg

    hooray! I can’t wait to chase him around a room.

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