The Facts of Life

Zain is almost eight months old! New developments: he can’t crawl just yet but he can turn himself in a circle and scoot. He can also drag himself to where he wants to go. Usually it’s to something shiny. I’m so proud of my boy. 🙂 And of course he’s been sitting up on his own for a while now (you have to sit him up, he can pull himself up yet). Oh and hey: he love LOVES sucking on his toes!

Now that Z wants to be on the move constantly (turning in my arms, reaching for everything in his line of vision, struggling to get out of my grasp, etc) I feel I’ve reached a new level of exhaustion*. Breastfeeding, which has never been easy for me, has become even more exciting now that Z is fixated on scratching up my forearms and kicking me in the shoulders. Oh well, onward ho! More interesting factoids: he gets upset when I leave the center now, making it harder and harder to leave him. He usually isn’t too far gone though, if the teacher distracts him he’s alright. I love coming to get him: when he sees me he wants me to pick him up right away. If I spend too much time gathering up his belongings he starts crying and if a teacher is holding him he reaches out for me. 🙂 It’s the best feeling in the world to be needed.

*The guilt of admitting that I am not in a constant state of bliss is the worst, but it helps to talk about it, (especially to (new) moms, one of my co-workers had her baby three months after I had Zain). And although I’m exhausted to tears most of the time and running on empty I still contemplate having more children! Because you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…heh. Anyway, having an only child has never been an option for me. I want a moderately sized family, and I want Zain to have siblings. My kids will be awesome, I can feel it! And I will fight to not be that mom…you know, the one trying to stay hip, because I will always maintain a level of cool that transcends time. I have no doubt in my mind that it will all be a lot of work (and insanity), but I’m in it. To win it. I don’t know what that means. Yeeeah. I’m hoping that I will have a lot more confidence (and sanity?) by the second one, and the good sense to know that I can lean on others when I feel overly burdened. The last one might seem obvious but I have a hard time telling the people closest to me when I am feeling weak for fear of being judged too harshly.

And Andy. Wow. He’s been such an amazing husband and father. I think I love him. Kidding aside, I know we can do this together. Go team French-ure!

Who could not love these two? And check out the head tilts.

At the Webers. Lookatthatface….scrumptious.

Z sleeps contentedly on Auntie Meg.

Toby is surprised to be holding a baby, while Andy and Z make conversation.



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11 responses to “The Facts of Life

  1. Sidenote: Please….don’t lean on me, though.
    You know I kid. Speaking of kids…what’s moderately sized mean? Four? Seven? Lemme know before I make any wild claims of giving each one a trust fund. And then you guys have fifteen kids. Which would be awesome. For us. Living in a different house. I crack me so consistently up.

  2. The facts of life? DO YOU HAVE THE FACTS OF LIFE? I’m so confused. I take some good…say 3 cups…and then some bad..hopefully not more than a tablespoon or two. I mix them thoroughly and then I have…

    yes, yes it must be the facts of life. I’m not sure what else that could make. Except for a bizarre alien dolphin-thing.

    My wife rocks. She’s a wonderful mother too. She likes those things you do.

  3. MAN.
    Bethany is ON. Get out of my toilet!

  4. Jen

    Moderate is about 3. But who knows, you know? My body may not oblige me. And a lot of people have discouraged against that number as they say one child will get left out of a lot of things. *shakes head and mumbles* tough luck kid…everyone’s got a price to pay… (heh)
    We welcome trust funds! And feel free to love them all the same.

    Thanks for the recipe babe, I prefer my facts with a small amount of the bad as well. Bethany won’t know what toilet you’re referring to, I’m afraid.

  5. That’s ok, she can journey into my world just like I’ve ventured into you guys’.

  6. O_O … I’ve just been given an invitation into Andy’s world. *happy squeak* To…see about a toilet. *opens mouth, closes it*

  7. Three kids is perfect. It’s the holy trinity. It’s all the worse if only two are the same gender, which automatically outs the third. As long as that’s the oldest it shouldn’t be too bad. Look at all our speculation! Go to, shrew, and be plentiful!

  8. Jen

    Indeed I shall. INDEED I SHALL. *starts procreation process*
    Bethany gets to venture into your world? Sweet! Can I be her guide?
    *climbs onto luckdragon*


  9. Bethany to asterisks:…you’ve opened up a whole new world to me…

  10. Well, it was full of stars.

  11. meg

    forgive me for taking *forever* to get to reading this post. how freeking adorable is the little mr? I can’t stand these photos, they make me miss him, the cuddling, soft cheeks, giggly smile! ahh, i’ve got to get my hands on him again.

    p.s. i agree, Toby is shocked…

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