Chad? Who's….Chad?

Andy bought me That Thing You Do!. Yay! I am a happy girl. I have the VHS version, but pure laziness kept me from buying the DVD. Love that movie. I can’t count how many times I watched it with my family and quoted Steve Zahn’s character Lenny (I’m not with these fellas. I’m in a pigging competition at the livestock pavilion, and I am gonna win that blue ribbon!). We even sang the title song on my mom’s answering machine but wittily replaced certain words: “You. Called my house it’s true. Now you have to leave your name and number for me! And I’ll get back to you-ooou!” Oh it was classic. Come to think of it, my mom had some pretty classy messages on her machine thanks to us. They awed, they inspired…they angered (once, one of my mom’s opinionated friends…she thought it wasn’t funny!).

This movie rocks, especially now that it includes “never before seen clips/footage/junk”! Lovin’ it lots. Just lovin’ it lots and lots.



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2 responses to “Chad? Who's….Chad?

  1. You’ve got me all tied up in knots.

    Also, do you think Jonathon’s pose on this cover had anything to do with why it didn’t work with Christina Applegate?

  2. Jen

    Ha! I thought the same thing! He has a pose on the back that isn’t much better!

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