Stuff n Junk

What I’ve been listening to:

Matt Pond PA. I just bought this album last week and have been obsessively listening to tracks 2 (People have a way), 5 (Honestly), 7 (Sunlight), 11 (The Crush), and 12 (Giving it all away). Some of the songs make me feel like I’ve heard them before: Honestly reminds me of DC Talk (haha, shades of high school and christian rock), and Giving it all away reminds me of Peter Gabriel, but I don’t mind. It’s a great album that will prompt me to buy their earlier work.

*They also have a great cover of Holiday Road that I looove.

What I’ve been watching:

Big Love.

Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big big love. I have big big love for this show. Andy asked me why I watch it the other day and the simple answer is: it’s good. I mean, I’m annoyed by Bill half the time and wish Barb would rock his world and leave his ass, Nicki is uptight and crazy, Margene is too naive and sweet…oh, it’s so delicious! And who wouldn’t love a cast like this one? Whenever I see Bill Paxton I think of his horrible performance in Boxing Helena and have to laugh out loud. So over the top! Chloe makes me think about The Brown Bunny and the articles I read about her sex scene with Vincent Gallo (SICK), and Harry Dean Stanton will always be the heartbroken broke-ass dad from Pretty in Pink.

Crazy Mormons. Polygamy, the principle, the compound…I always wonder if the show is true to life and if so…cuckoo! But crazy makes good tv.

Freaks and Geeks. My Christmas present! I’ve been watching it for the past couple of days!

Lindsay Weir, former Mathlete, starts hanging out with the freaks at school after she has an epiphany. Something about her grandmother dying and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel…anyway, she puts on an oversized army jacket, starts hanging out with the slackers and everyone’s world gets rocked. Her brother Sam, is a geek who is in love with a cheerleader. He and his buddies consistently get their balls busted by the jocks/whoever else feels like busting the balls of the weak. Story as old as time right? Well, unlike most high school dramedies, this show feels real. The characters are all people that we’ve known or met at one time. Andy said that he had never seen a D&D montage on a show before and that equals awesome.

Seth Rogan got his start on this show, went on to The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Watch any Judd Apatow flick and you’ll see these faces pop up again and again.



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2 responses to “Stuff n Junk

  1. While tis true that I did lose my at first insatiable obsession with the Love that is Big, I do miss my stories and wonder how things developed. I just felt it spiraling out of believable control with Bill there for a while. Barb was the most real and relatable character and I do miss other things but sometimes the compound stuff got too cumbersome. I wanted the wife #4 storyline, though!

  2. That cd seems pretty good from what I’ve heard. F&G is also pretty close to some people I’ve known & hung out with in the 6th-12th grade range. Definitely moreso thananything else I can think of on TV.

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