Why ask Y?

I want to be like Andy, and since Andy writes comic reviews…so shall I. So shall I!

Random Tangent: Hey isn’t it kinda lame how on Battlestar Galactica the president/admiral/captain/head/whatever will give this long drawn out speech and then at the end there’s the equivalent to a slow clap? Usually it’s the XO or some drunk yelling “So say we all! So say we all!” Then everyone joins in? It’s sooo cheesy. /end

*clears throat* Andy got me into Y: The Last Man, and man alive have I gotten sucked in! I’m usually kind of picky when it comes to comics. I like a certain type of writing, a certain type of dialogue. The way a story flows has to be just so. Otherwise my brain implodes, and as you know…I like my brain intact. Most of the comics that I enjoy don’t have decades of back story. And it’s hard to read the usual superhero vs. supervillian kind of comics where everyone’s spitting witty one liners mid-kick and shit. Man, that irks me. Except when Brian Bendis does it. He’s good at making things sound like what people would say when they’re mid-kick.

My favorites include: Fables, Exiles, Midnight Nation, Rising Stars (haven’t finished reading these because by the time the next issue would come out I’d have completely forgotten the story), Ultimate Spiderman (also behind in this one, but it’s good nonetheless) and some X-Men story arcs.

The facts are these (who here’s a fan of Pushing Daisies? It’s good ain’t it? So say we all? SO SAY WE ALL!): The entire population of men dies out, except for Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Hilarity insues. Actually a good measure of hilarity coupled with sadness and despair. So essentially Yorick is trying to find out why he and his monkey are the only two dicks left on the planet. His sidekicks include Agent 355 (Yorick’s bodyguard who works for the US Government) and Dr. Allison Mann (a kickass geneticist). He’s got a girlfriend, Beth, in Australia that he wants to reunite with, and a sister, Hero, who went batshit when her boyfriend died in her arms (I love Much Ado About Nothing, and I would love to name my daughter Hero. I don’t know if Andy is behind the name 100 percent, though). I’ve been reading the trades, so each time I finish an “issue” it’s crammed full of action and adventure minus the cliffhangers. This world without men seems real and plausible. Notable mentions include prostitutes with glued on facial hair and gangs of women calling themselves Amazons decrying men as evil and worthy of obliteration.

What I love most about Y: The banter between 355 and Yorick. The camaraderie…the sexual tension. Somethin’s a brewin’! She goes from being just a number to opening up and even joking with Yorick, whose personality reminds me a lot of Wash…I mean, c’mon, he owns a monkey and spends a lot of his time doing magic! But it’s safe to say he has some tricks up his sleeve. (Der!) I really love the entire threesome: the dynamic of 355, Yorick and Dr. Mann; seeing their layers get peeled away one by one is riveting, to say the least.

And then there’s this: Holy sea of minority main characters, Batman! Thank you, Jeebus.

It’s good, it’s real good. A road trip story with twists and turns, every stop on the road leading to some kind of crazy discovery. I love it, and I’m pissed that it’s going to end next month!

P.S. If and when this is ever optioned to be made into a film I better not see either Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie playing 355.

…Make me lay down my religion.

ETA: Oh! The coolest part? 355 and Dr. Mann talk in gibberish. GIBBERISH. Brings back the memories, it does.



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7 responses to “Why ask Y?

  1. Y is good.
    You need an extendable beatstick thing, they make women sexy.

  2. Jen

    I’ll put that on my Amazon wishlist. πŸ˜‰

  3. Two things. A) Take his baby name, he’ll cut your legs off. So says Josh? So say we ALL. Since he was a young girl, he’s been obsessed with the name Hero Anastasia, although upon meeting my family he decided he didn’t want our children to be “named after anyone”. And we removed the Anastasia. 7) Everyone knows that if this world is on the brink of extinction, white folk will be few and far between. We call that survival of the ones who aren’t busy waiting on someone else to bring them their supplies. BAM. F3) I’m not so much into peeling people’s layers…

  4. Jen

    Ha. You’re funny.
    I guess we’ll call it a truce since I didn’t cut off your legs when you named your son Ezra. It was one of my favorites, although I didn’t have a list of names written down or anything.
    Who knows? There might be cousins named the same thing! J/K…that would get annoying.

  5. Yes, we have lists. And I think our grandmother may have benefited from making them, so she would remember which names she’d already used. Is David’s middle name really Michael? Isn’t his brother’s name Michael? And don’t the twins have basically the same middle name? …Wow.

  6. meg

    my Andy’s trying to get me to read Y, and since you’re suggesting it, I think I’m convinced to jump into the series.

  7. Jen

    Cool! I really think you’ll love it. πŸ™‚

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