He's a pisser!

Z peed all over his face today. You could say it surprised the hell out of him: he gasped, looked up at me with fright, then started crying and rubbing his eyes. I yelled “Augh!” and called for Andy (my hands were too busy wiping up his plentiful shit) . Can a baby go blind from getting urine in his eyes? I mean, I kid…but I also shudder to think of it. Even if it is like 99% less potent than adult piss, it’s still got to sting, eh?

Like sands through the hourglass…

Another quickie: after getting home today from shopping around town (i.e. Portland, since Vancouver sucks a big one) I took Z out of his car seat to feed him. He was balanced on my legs, looking into my eyes smiling when he grabbed my face tenderly and started sucking on my chin. So adorable it burns!

So everything’s been going well. The Christmas season is upon us. Z switched child care centers…he’s now at a Montessori school just minutes from Andy’s job. It’s very convenient, but I’m not used to it yet. One of the teachers there is kind of annoying, but I’m hoping it’ll pass as time goes by. Z seems to be making the transition okay, he’s not having an issues eating (he’s just started eating solids…hooray!) and the teachers all call him a “lovebug” because he loves to cuddle.

More later!



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2 responses to “He's a pisser!

  1. Goodness! I think Ezra is the only baby boy I’ve ever met who didn’t piss in his own face. But no it doesn’t sting. Or taste bad. I’m sorry but Ethan had a thing for not only peeing in his own eyes but near enough to one’s mouth that you could tell, it’s basically still just breast milk. Anywho: THANK YOU FOR FINALLY BLOGGING, TART.

  2. meg

    aww. i wanna cuddle the little lovebug. and i’m not going to comment about the peeing thing. that’s gross.

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