Let us give thanks

Thanksgiving. Short version: We flew out to Sacramento Thursday (Nov 15th) afternoon, spent quality time with my family there, then drove to Santa Cruz Saturday afternoon to see my sister and her family, then drove to Templeton to see Andy’s dad and step-mom for a day, then drove out to San Luis Obispo to see his mom and have an early Thanksgiving dinner with her side of the family (also saw Peter Weber and the family, went shopping, etc), then went back to Templeton to have Thanksgiving dinner with Andy’s dad’s side of the family. Then on Friday we drove back to Sacramento and flew back home Saturday morning.


To elaborate: We spread ourselves thin. I had a stomach bug during the visit with my family, which sucked but we still managed to get some good times in. We had a great time showing Zain off (a lot of our family members were able to see him for the first time at the welcome shower, but grandparents and aunts and uncles finally got to for Thanksgiving break. Except for Andy’s paternal grandparents who were noticeably absent. Not going out of my way for you fools again!) Everyone loves him to pieces, as they should. 🙂 I got a little antsy when we were visiting my in-laws and it seemed like we were playing the pass the baby game but I suppose that I should get over it, especially since I have no problem when it’s my side of the family doing it. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly close with my in-laws. I don’t call Andy’s parents mom and dad (he calls my parents by their first name as well). I suppose I could start, but I don’t really want to. It would feel too forced. I don’t feel like I have a “relationship” with any of them. I guess that my children will be the connection between us. I’m not a person who believes that blood is what makes a person family, since my current mother figure is my aunt (although not by blood, but in every other way that counts). But it’s hard to form bonds with my in-laws. I hardly ever see them, and it’s doesn’t seem to get easier. And don’t get me started on step-in-laws. JESUS. I’m so glad I never had a step-parent, although I feel like when you grow up in a COGIC church everyone thinks they can step up. Actually, having a step mother wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world. I see Andy, and he has two women that raised him and love him unconditionally, and will love Z unconditionally. Mine is off somewhere in Georgia, having never seen her grandson. There’s love there, but I feel like she’s MIA. *sigh*

Heh. I’ve been listening to my Jim Gaffigan CD lately (Beyond the Pale) and he has this bit about Thanksgiving and how the best tradition we could come with was to overeat. He plays it out: “Hey I got an idea! Why don’t we just eat a lot?” And someone protests, “But we do that everyday!” Then he says, “Okay, let’s eat a lot with people that annoy us.” Not an original joke, but you gotta love Jim Gaffigan. His voices (and delivery) make me piss my pants every time. HUGE pick-me-up.

Aaand I’m done for now.



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4 responses to “Let us give thanks

  1. meg

    i happy you posted the photo album, cause if this post was missing one thing, it would be photos of the family and the little mister.

    also, i can’t believe you guys did this trip! it looks crazy!
    Glad you’re back, be safe out there, I hear the roads are a disaster up in your neck of the woods…

  2. Bethany Morrow

    Welcome back, my friend. Welcome back. To your blog, that is. 😛 Anywho, we loved our time with you guys and hope we can visit up north before next year when we hope to be out of the country again. But we also feel like we should once again be the ones to go down south so Ezra can see Chaya again before they’re twelve. Anyway, you know where I am for in-laws. I have two, but it’s not the “norm” because it’s only one biological parent. But I adore Daddy John and Mom is definitely the mother-in-law. She’s nosy, loud and aloof. I do feel that I love her in a special way, as in as my husband’s “mother” so it’s definitely like a take-her-or-leave-her kind of feeling. But Josh calls her by her first name so. ANYWAY: I love you guys bunches and pray for you lots because you mean so much to me. 😀

  3. Family is always bittersweet. I notice how in that word its not sweetbitter…the bitter comes first. Maybe that means after years the sweet kicks in?

    But really, yeah that trip was tough. We’re going to try and do split trips next year, but that’s going to be tough in it’s own way as well.

    To quote most every kid ever: “Growing up sucks!”

    But, having Zain-e is cool :).

  4. I think I meant it’s NOT a take her or leave her kind of feeling. But now – as her arrival looms over me – I’m already steadying my hand and retorts about what we don’t need, won’t be doing differently and trying to stay as far away from, “Mom, do I tell you how to run your poorly decorated house?!” and “Get out.” as possible. We’ll see.

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