Sepia = purty

I love Andy and Meg Weber.

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Andy’s known Andy (aka Webby) since about the sixth grade. What brought them together? They’re two guys named Andy who have an obsession with music and deep thinking. That, and their parents introduced them. My first “memory” of Webby (not truly a memory since it’s from a picture of him in a photo album) is him with long curly hair, looking like he was having a homo-erotic moment with John Hazard on a bunk bed somewhere. I tease Andy about that moment way too much. Cuz it’s fun! Anyway, I can’t remember exactly when I met him, but I know I met Meg around the time she and Andy got married. And that was about…seven years ago? Help me out Meg. 🙂 (Andy was a groomsman in their wedding, and I think that our relationship was kind of shaky during this period because even though Meg encouraged me to try and catch the bouquet, I declined.)

ETA: Anyway, somehow we all ended up in Oregon (they in Eugene, us in Portland…we’re in Vancouver for a minute, but back to Portland we go!) and we have to drive 2 hrs to see each other. Lately it’s been mostly them doing the driving, but we’re hoping to make a trip to Eugene soon. Last weekend they made us some great food, we played Scattergories and took too many pictures of Z the mighty, among other things. Wacky fun…

I am so glad to call them my friends. Btw, Meg cracks my shit. UP. And in a nineties kind of world..I’m GLAD I’VE GOT MY GIRL! We are living….married….(Bethany?)

Here’s more sepia good times:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (whoops, this one is just b&w…sorry kids)

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8 responses to “Sepia = purty

  1. Bethany Morrow

    Living single, gurl. You know I know the theme song, beezie.

    I don’t know why I’m talking like that.

  2. Jen

    Because you’re on that grown woman shit!

  3. Bethany Morrow

    Real talk.

  4. meg

    i love you too! I’d say, “we love you”, but andy (webby) is sleeping and he can’t talk right now. but you should know 2 things, 1. it was 7 years ago and 2. you should have caught the bouquet! i’m happy we all ended up in the same state, i don’t know if we would like living without you three.

  5. Jen

    And in the next 5-6 years when we move again (to Hawaii or New Mexico or wherever we roam) you guys will follow riiiight? Right? 😛

  6. Bethany Morrow

    I thought I’d tell you that Ezzie is walking around the living room pretending to sneeze. He’s even doing the build-up noises.

  7. Jen

    ha! Z laughs when I sneeze.

  8. Bethany Morrow


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