How now brown couch?

So we got a new couch! It’s big and brown and soft. Here’s a brown boy sitting on it.

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3 responses to “How now brown couch?

  1. Bethany Morrow

    You are toooooo clever, Anne Shirley. Your titles, they do beat all. How about Zephyr goes between looking 100% Clemons-rific to looking like Andy’s twin..albeit with coloring. Aaaand I love the couch. I’d send you pics of my new furniture but. I don’t so much have a camera.

  2. meg

    i adore it. mostly the part with the little mister. he looks almost like he could be sitting up by himself, just chilin on his new couch…except for the white arm, what’s with that?

  3. Jen

    Check out the big slobber stain on his shirt, that’s the best part! That, and the big white arm attached to him.

    Oh and Beth…would you please call me Cordelia? Yes, Zephyr is a little transformer! He’s more than meets the eye.

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