Two girls with wacky names

This movie looks awesome. Too many classic lines to count. Gets double points for having Michael Cera and Jason Bateman in it. No, I’m not a huge Arrested Development fan. Yes, I loved Superbad and have loved Jason since his Hogan days.

This movie looks rancid. Moondance??? For real? Best line from the preview: “There’s no way she could win. Not on that horse!” Wanna bet she does? Wanna? Man, I don’t get the whole teenage girl-pony friendship thing, yet they keep churning that shit into movies. No one gets the girl, no one gets the horse. They’re outsiders, drawn together. Based on a true story? Some girl sees a ramshackle horse and turns him into a thoroughbred! Totally didn’t see that coming.

I never wanted a pony as a kid. A panda would’ve been nice.



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4 responses to “Two girls with wacky names

  1. You know, why is it that everyone loves girls and ponies..but no one wants to touch the man-pony-love (errr. friendship) I wonder why?


  2. PS As I’m watching the preview right now on your computer, I want to die. OK, not die, but that movie is so sappy Walt Disney wouldn’t hump it.

  3. meg

    i think Juno might have to be a double date. I can’t wait for it to come out.

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