Back to life, back to reality

The first week back to work was a semi-success. I managed to only cry on the first day I dropped him off, by the second it was much easier. I miss him like crazy when I’m at work, but I know that he’s okay. And knowing that he’s only there half a week helps too. Getting back to work is going well; I’m a still a bit fuzzy on some procedures but it’s a lot like riding a bike as they say. It all comes back. I have a bunch of pictures of Z of my wall and everyone comments on them as they come in. They also comment on my figure and how great I look for just giving birth three months ago. I don’t think my body is where I want it to be just yet, but I welcome the compliments just the same. I wish I still had that pregnancy glow to my skin and the massive thickness of my hair: every day I seem to notice a new blemish on my face and my hair is falling out in handfuls. Supposedly this is normal after giving birth and I won’t go bald but damn! My hair is everywhere! Trying not to stress about it…*bites fist*

Here’s our Monday-Wednesday schedule. We get up at 5:30, get dressed and get the baby ready, drop Andy off first, take the baby to childcare (dropping off breastmilk with him, making sure that it is labeled and dated and other necessary items like extra clothes, diapers, wipes, etc), get to work by 8, pump two times during my work day (and make sure I DON’T leave the milk there before leaving, I’ve done that once before), get off work at 5, pick up Z at 5:30 (grabbing any soiled clothing and empty bottles to clean later that night), and then pick up his daddy at 6. Getting home varies from a half hour to an hour based on traffic. So if we’re lucky we get there before 7. Dinner, breastfeeding, maybe a taped episode of 4400s or Eureka or Psych if Z allows us to sit long enough, a little time on the computer and bedtime at around 10. I’m happy to say that Z is on a (semi) sleep schedule now. He goes to sleep at 10 and I wake him up (on the week days) at 6 am to get dressed, change his diaper, etc. He still wakes up 2-3 times in the night to feed but I fall asleep most of the time while I’m feeding him so it’s not too bad. On the weekend he’ll sleep for maybe an hour longer but I think his body knows it’s time to wake up because he tosses and turns a lot an hour or so before he finally opens his eyes. So I don’t have uninterrupted sleep yet, but I think I’m getting a good amount. I still have slight bags under my eyes though. Ugh.

So life is back to “normal”. It’s good. I’ve got my baby and my man-baby. We’re working hard and watching our kid grow (really fast!). He talks and smiles so much, seeing him happy makes all the stress worth it.



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11 responses to “Back to life, back to reality

  1. Getting “old” and “mature” is definitely strange. Lots of work too…but I think we’re doing ok, and hopefully Z will appreciate it someday. But, probably not ;).

  2. Bethany Morrow

    Um, where was your anniversary in there? 😀

  3. Jen

    This post was about going back to work. Our anniversary was fine – We went to eat at PF Chang’s while the baby slept in his car seat….nothing much to report. 😛

  4. Jen

    Oh and Andy wants you to get off of myspace and onto wordpress.

  5. Bethany Morrow

    Okay, then that process must be explained to me. What’s so hard about checking myspace, tho?

  6. meg

    sounds like you two are busy. i love the newest photos of Z. we’ll have to plan a visit when things become more of a routine and you can fit in a little weber hang out time. i want to sit and chat soon.

  7. Jen

    We were thinking about driving up to Eugene in the next month, we miss you guys! We prob wouldn’t stay the night, but we’d get in lots of conversation 🙂

  8. meg

    we would love it. we can make a drive there too you know. as long as you’ve got a floor for us to blow up an air mattress.

  9. Jen

    Oh, we bought an air mattress! The same one you guys have, I think.

  10. meg

    omg. it’s meant to be! us visiting i mean or something like that. i’ll have to discuss a drive with my man. what’s your life look like? i mean when would you be up for a weber visit? cause i could use a little mini-french-vacation…

  11. Jen

    Any weekend sounds good, we could use a bit of weber action!

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